Organic compost maximizes growth of plantations and the quality of our pineapple

As part of our environmental efforts and in order to give a better use of our own resources, organic wastes from livestock in Agricultural Industrial La Lydia are transformed into an organic fertilizer to maintain optimum conditions on our plantations on the physical structure of soils as well as the microbial organisms essential for better growth as well as the quality of our fruit. This organic product resulting from our animal production module is mixed with other inputs that our farm also produces.

“The time to achieve composting takes from three to four weeks, whereafter the fertilizer reaches the correct temperature, so we get a safe and high quality nutritional product for our lands. Subsequently, it is transported by carts to the farm fields where is distributed in the soil with a mechanical spreader”, said Erik Vargas, production auditor.


With the liquid part we process and capture the methane gas, producing energy and eliminating great part of the environmental contamination. The use of organic compost is a very good environmental management practice, helping the pineapple plant to have a better nourishment, accelerating its growth, providing greater consistency and quality to our customers.