Very good!!!!!!!!


Good morning La Lyduia.

“Until today I have believed in all your words and promises and even until today you have accomplished everything, a facto worth more than one thousand words.”

Yesterday evening arrived to our warehouse the pineapples calibers 7s with the two first containers that you sent us to Houston.  We reviewed the pineapples today morning and we found that the pineapple SWITI is incredibly tasty; it is worth the effort that so many people together in order for other more lucky people can delight with its tasty.

Probably my opinion is not worth much, I have 25 years in the business of “produce” in the USA and I have tasted many products, that’s why I shared all my office mates a piece of this sweetie and everyone, including the owner of the company, said the same:

Scrumptious, Great, Sweet, Excellent taste ……….

And then I realized that I was not wrong to trust The Lydia worthily represented by you La Lydia.

Regards and congratulations.