The real golden pineapple Costa Rica


We are Agricola Industrial La Lydia, a family company with more than 70 years dedicated to agricultural activities and livestock. We are leaders since 2005 in production and exporters of the best golden pineapple, MD2 variety, of Costa Rica and the world.

We are focused in optimizing the response time with our clients searching their total satisfaction by giving them the highest quality product in compliance with all the environmental laws and our efficient customer service.

We are able to accomplish this by strengthening our employees’ skills and the productive control processes.

Quality Policy

We are an agro-industrial producer pineapple company, which develops its operations with responsibility and social equity, quality, food safety and environmental awareness. Our value proposal to our clients is based on the quality products assurance; in addition, we attain the commitment of fulfilling the legal requirements and actions that the organization determines according to our activities.


Provide our clients with the best quality proposal and value of our product.

Our policies

  • Planning, communication, efficiency and responsiveness.
  • High productivity on the use of resources.
  • Responsibility, pro-activity and teamwork.
  • Job advancement opportunities for our employees.
  • Integrity, loyalty and commitment of the business management and continuous improvement.

We work with our brands: YAZ and SWITI, which represent all the attributes previously mentioned.

We have acquired international certifications which support us on our business management: Global GAP, US GAP, HACCP and we are in the process of obtaining the ISO 9001 certification.

Currently, our fruit reaches many international markets in the American and European continent such as:

countries la lydia

We are located in Costa Rica:


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